Executive Director – Supporting Communities

At Camden we are building a better borough – a place where everyone has a chance to succeed and nobody gets left behind. Our ambition is clear: to create the right conditions for our communities to thrive and for our residents to live fulfilling lives in a safe, fair, creative and active borough. The Supporting Communities directorate, with its emphasis on housing, regeneration, community, place and resident safety, plays a crucial and direct role in this ambition.

We need an exceptional and inspirational Executive Director who will get the best out of colleagues, work closely with partners, and lead a resident-focused approach for the benefit of Camden and its citizens.

This is a challenging time for local government, yet our role has never been more vital. At a time of national and international uncertainty, local government has the opportunity to make a real difference by working at a local level with residents to develop the solutions, resilience and reassurance that communities need to thrive.

Camden is at the forefront of this approach. Your leadership, alongside our residents, will provide the services that our neighbourhoods need. You will mobilise the energy of everyone who cares about Camden to respond to our local challenges.

You will lead the development of a universal preventative approach, where we co-design services with our citizens that are better and more accountable. You will drive forward our ambition to attract innovation and investment, whilst building on the unique strengths of people and businesses within Camden, so that everyone has a stake and can share in Camden’s success.

Camden has a track record of embracing innovation and best practice. You will maximise value from our assets, so that we can reinvest in an infrastructure that helps our communities flourish - from affordable housing and schools to community facilities. And you will take forward our aspiration to innovate and become a national leader on all aspects of safety and communities.

You will need the confidence and motivation to inspire, innovate and lead, to focus our resources on what matters most. You will need to reach outside the organisation to ensure strong partnership working, not just within Camden, but across London, and nationally to create opportunities for reform and improvement.

We know we cannot deliver these bold ambitions, outlined in our new community vision Camden 2025, using the same thinking as before. We need to continue to challenge, test new ways of working, and move away from conventional thinking to pioneer a new type of Council.

Camden has a rebellious spirit. And at Camden Council, we are not afraid to be radical, to take risks and experiment. There is an opportunity to try out new ways of collaborating, bringing together residents, businesses and others to test how we can use data, information and technology to help us understand problems.

This new and innovative way of working together is the only way we will deliver on our ambition to make Camden a place where everyone has a chance to succeed, where nobody gets left behind and where everybody has a voice.

We are reinventing what we mean by leadership and we need an Executive Director who not only believes in this but who also has the passion to move Camden Council forward in its ambition to be a place of innovation for our citizens and our communities.


There’s nowhere like Camden. A thriving exciting borough in the heart of London that accounts for 2% of the UK economy. With a rebellious spirit, Camden people are vocal and passionate about their home borough, and Camden Council plays a central role in life here. Camden is home to diverse and vibrant communities, international institutions and businesses, museums and theatres, world famous markets and some of the best live music venues in the Capital.

Camden is ambitious and full of energy and community spirit. We’re focused on making sure everyone in the borough can fulfil their ambition to succeed, and on making sure no one gets left behind and ensuring everyone has a voice.

Camden 2025 is our vision for the future of Camden and we need an exceptional leader to help us deliver on the ambitions contained within it. You will lead a highly performing organisation at the leading edge of local government – whether that is providing leadership in the fields of education and children’s safeguarding, continuing to lead the way in investing in the housing that our communities need or being at the forefront of system leadership in local government.

You will be accountable for leading our efforts to create a truly shared endeavour with the citizens and communities within Camden to improve the lives of people living in, visiting, studying and working in the borough. You will need to reach outside the organisation to ensure strong partnership working within Camden, across London, and nationally to create opportunities for reform and improvement. Inspiring a ‘call to action’ to find new ways of working, where Camden’s people, the Council and partners come together to develop new solutions that benefit citizens and communities whilst reducing waste and inefficiencies.

In Camden, we already know we cannot deliver these ambitions using the same thinking that has preceded us; we need to continue to challenge and move away from conventional thinking and pioneer a new type of local government. A type of local government that genuinely puts citizens at the heart of what we do; designing services around the needs of our citizens rather than rigid processes; taking a systemic approach rather than a ‘top down’ hierarchical one; acting on evidence rather than opinion; working holistically across organisational boundaries and reinventing what we mean by leadership. We therefore need a leader who not only believes in this journey and approach but who has the passion and commitment to continue to move Camden Council forwards in its ambition to be a place of innovation and impact for our citizens and communities.

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Jenny Rowlands

Current Executive Director for Supporting Communities, and incoming Chief Executive, Camden LBC

Cllr Georgia Gould

Leader of Camden Council

Camden Council's community building and offices.